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MBA in Finance

This MBA specialization forges a student's career dealing with numbers and economics. It is the highly opted course among all. The student will be an expert in accounting, financial planning, banking, capital management, asset management and many more. This knowledge allows the student easy selection in any financial department of industry like banking sector, insurance industry, mutual fund industry and stock exchange. It is a job of a personal who is a decision maker and responsible, because even a small error in financial management can lead to huge losses to the organization.

MBA in Marketing

A company can’t grow without efficient conversion of their product. Here is where marketing comes in the picture. This department is responsible for product awareness and branding and to drive crucial sales for the organization. It is very dynamic and challenging role as you have to come up with something new every single step of the ladder to compete. It involves deep analysis of consumer behavior, market research, advertising aspects and many more.
Marketing specialization nurtures skills including communication, business planning, resource mobilization etc. Marketing department is the backbone of any organization as it is responsible to fund organization's expenses.

MBA in Human Resource Management

If you possess good communication skills and a charming personality which inspires others then MBA Specialization in HR is the only choice for you. Human resources are the most valuable assets available, thus it is necessary to optimize their growth to maximize results of the organization. The majority of HR roles includes workforce diversity management, mergers, acquisitions and also to manage, create and supervise the policies of the organization mandatory for all members. This also provides opportunities to handle some dynamic responsibility like recruitment, talent and retention management.

MBA in International Business

This specialization aims to provide in depth understanding of organization's resources and capabilities required for international growth operations. It includes specialized functions of international finance, marketing, human resource management and intercultural communication. It provides insights to expand international operations of the organization involving global client interaction and chances to travel around the globe for culture communication.

MBA in Operation Management

MBA Specialization in Operations management primarily deals with the production management primarily including processes like planning, organizing, supervising and delivering. It is a delivery focused management and role is to optimize inputs of all types to attain quality product as an output. The inputs may vary from materials to human resource. A MBA course in operation Management will help you gain expertise in product development and designing and process optimization.

MBA in Information Technology

This MBA course is quite self explanatory involves effective management of planning, designing, selection, implementation, improvisation and administration of upcoming Information Technology products. It involves great exposure from design to security process of the project. This is a great heap for IT graduates as this helps them climb up the ladder in an IT organization

MBA in Digital Marketing

This is the latest trend in marketing.MBA Specialization in Digital marketing involves branding and awareness of products via digital channels. It involves gaining expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media management , SERPs, display advertising, google analytics and many more. It is a vast field with huge scope and opportunities. It is the need of every organization to invest in digital marketing to establish their online presence.

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