MBA - Master of Business Administration, is a globally recognized Post graduation course enhancing Business Management skills of pursuing candidates. Business Management is an ocean in itself, various MBA courses are designed to enhance skill set in various department of business administration. The elaboration of Business approaches and strategies have evolved and distinguished various types of MBA courses.If you are confused about pursuing which stream of MBA, you have ended up at the right place. Because to make a wise and appropriate choice you need to know about all the different courses in MBA.

  • MBA Course
  • Full Time MBA course
  • Part Time MBA course
  • MBA in Marketing
  • Executive MBA
  • Correspondence course
    • Online MBA Course
    • Correspondence Course
  • Dual Degree MBA Course
  • MBA Specialization
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Operation Management
  • MBA in Information Technology
  • MBA in Digital Marketing

Full Time MBA Course

This is the standard form of an MBA. Almost all Business schools across the world provide this MBA course. With the evolvement of mode of education through online and distance MBA degree, still this mode holds the most significance. This format has the most number of MBA pursuing students, according to recent surveys approx 80% of students pursue this format of education to complete their degree. On an average it takes 1-2 years to complete a Full Time MBA Course

Part Time MBA Course

This is a rescue for the ones who wish to complete their MBA degree without disrupting Cash inflows that is the working professionals. The classes are conducted in the weekends or after working hours on weekdays. Obviously the course time will extend in this case. It takes near about 3 years or more to complete a Part Time MBA Course

Executive MBA Course

Executive MBA also referred as EMBA is designed to meet educational needs of Managers, people on upper chain of organizations. They pursue MBA course working full time. The candidates are spreaded across various industries of the market, profit, nonprofit or government. Average work experience of candidates ranges from 5 or above years Full Time executive MBA program is a subcategory of the same. It involves completing the course in 1 year. It is similar to standard full time MBA course pursued by freshers.

Distance MBA Course

This mode of pursuing degree holds of classes Off - Campus. This course provides flexibility and self framed structure to complete their MBA degree. Distance program can be provided using various mediums like correspondence course providing study material via mail or giving access through online course including interactive live broadcast or pre recorded study materials for both online and offline study

Dual MBA degree Program

This dual program combines MBA degree with one other course like MA, MS or JD allowing students to cut some cost on education in attempt of pursuing both degree separately. This course is completed successfully in limit time by allowing core courses of one program count as electives in the other. Some institutions also offer a dual program to complete both bachelor's and master's degree in business administration in 5 years.

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