Checklist for MBA interview



Applying for a dream business school is a life-changing situation. You better be well prepared.

Doing well in the MBA entrance exam is just not enough. You have to be at your best at the selection process day also.

With a checklist in a hand, nothing is easier. Here is a quality checklist for MBA Interview you should go through before attending selection process for any MBA Colleges in India.

  • Search your Soul
    Be prepared for some very basic questions that lay down the foundation of perception an interviewer makes for you. Some questions include

    • Why do you want an MBA?
    • Why do you want it now?
    • Why do you want to do MBA at this Business school?
    • What is it you want to do? How will that thing impact the world?
    • What excites you about it?
    • Basic Introduction including strength and weakness?

Don’t take these questions for granted. Being well prepared for them is very important.

  • Research
    This is a point all MBA aspirants should work on. Research about the institute regarding faculty, infrastructure, placements, Alumni network and industry links is very important. This not only helps you take a  wise decision in choosing the perfect fit Business School for you but also helps you in the Selection process interview.

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  • Essays
    The essay is a great part to explain yourself and a majority of Business schools include them in their selection process. It is a perfect way to craft your impression and also don’t forget to be prepared for a self-portrait essays.
  • Resume
    A resume is the storyteller of your profile. It is the first document any interviewer takes a look at and hence you don’t want to get that wrong.
  • Online Application Form
    This is your gateway to entering the college. You wouldn’t want to miss it at home. 90% of Business schools provide an online application form which you need a hard copy at the date of the selection process. Take a print out as when you receive the invitation to the selection process
  • Certifications
    All the MBA colleges in India, require proper documentation of the aspirants seeking admission. It is must for all the students to carry all the necessary documents photostats to the selection with identity proofs. Some do require to carry originals in the selection process too. This may also include documentation related to your work experience if any.
  • GD / PI

Prepare well for Group Discussion and MBA Interview round with some easy tips. 


Above are the prerequisites to attend the selection process. But this is what you have to be prepared for this the most. Look out for potential group discussions topics and be well aware of latest general awareness stuff. This will definitely provide quality knowledge and boost up your confidence. The secret to ace an interview is, to be honest, and know yourself.. Like I earlier mentioned it is to search your soul. Be very clear in the thought process and stick to it. Just being clear in your thoughts mark my words no one is going to stop you.

A second opinion will only increase the chances of being selected for a top Business School.

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